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Thank you Rebootz, Ltd. for creating the perfect birthday gift for my daughter. The artwork was perfect and she loves her new boots. Anyone looking for a new and unique gift idea, Rebootz is the way to go. Thanks again!!”


Any sport, any team you want we can do!



“I am absolutely in love with my Rebootz! I was tired of my boring, black Uggs and was going to give them away. When I found out that I could make my old boots new again I was SO EXCITED!!! I picked one of my favorite things, Penn State and my boots will never be the same! My boots came out better than I could ever imagine. I LOVE wearing them and everywhere I go people compliment me and ask me where I got them. I wore them to the Penn State Bowl Game and everyone was jealous!! They are SO fun and I wear them all the time!!
Thank You Rebootz!!!”

“Love showing team spirit – everyone has t-shirts, banners, etc., but I have my game day hand painted Rebootz! Needless to say rah rah


“If you are looking to get the most out of your UGG boots, I would definitely suggest Rebootz.  It’s a great way to be different and set a completely new and unique trend.  Considering that I go to school upstate New York, my boots have been through a lot of bad weather.  Having Rebootz is like having a completely new pair of boots.”

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“I absolutely love my Rebootz! My dingy winter boots were transformed into a work of art, completely unique to my personality! Working in the the fashion industry, I am always looking for one of a kind accessories to complete my outfits. My Rebootz are the perfect addition to my wardrobe.”


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